My Account provides a service by which Telephone Service Providers using the Active Billing Platform can allow their customers (you) to see their account information online. Each Service Provider has a specific web address (URL). The address you have used doesn't tell us which Service Provider your account belongs to.

What to do to fix this:

  1. Check the address you were trying to reach.

    The web address for a particular Service Provider contains that Provider's name or an otherwise pretty obvious abbreviation of it. For example if your account belongs to Big Co Pty Ltd you would probably be looking for an address like:

  2. Notify the Service Provider that they may have a broken link.

    If you arrived here after clicking on the "My Account" link on your Service Provider's web-site then something has gone wrong with the configuration of that link. Your Service Provider would be grateful to know about it.

  3. Just browsing and found your way here?

    Tell your Service Provider that they should be signing up to use the Active Billing Platform!